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What is Heaven Sent Gaming?

Heaven Sent Gaming is an American new media entertainment production team from Albuquerque , New Mexico , founded in 2006. The team's primary couple of individuals are its cofounders, Mario J. Lucero  (born June 8, 1988) and Isabel Ruiz  (born March 30, 1989). They are best known for their cofounders, whom often distribute under the name Heaven Sent Gaming, their multiple original series spanning across multiple forms of media, the fictional universe that derives from their original series, around Albuquerque's independent music scene for their help to local musicians, and as part of the college game design team Our Own Little Coup .


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Heaven Sent Gaming's publishing history has included series' and individual releases across many different forms of media.






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"At the start of things; God, Elohim, made the land and its skies." - Genesis 1:1 (HSV)

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